Scripting laborious tasks

At itison we process a lot of deal images. A series of 1-6 images with the clients logo on top. Till now this has been a manual task, someone would have to place the logo over a series of images in photoshop, then save out each image separately up to 20 times a day! The problem is we get images from clients, or stock image sites, in all different sizes and aspect ratios. This requires manual positioning and sometimes some slight photo retouching. How nice would it be if we could automate as much of it as possible - resizing the images, renaming the images, exporting the images…? Pretty nice.

I hacked together some Photoshop scripts to do it. One that will resize all images based on height or width to fill the canvas, one to rename all the images numerically in order, and one to export them all into a predefined (we order them by date), but customisable folder.

It still requires someone to manually trigger the scripts, and apply some photo retouching if necessary but it's cut the work load down by a hell of a lot!

They still need some work, handling errors properly and some code cleanup. I'll get around to that eventually.